WordPress Auto Update Problems

I always say “WordPress is a double-edged sword”.  It’s pretty cool that you can get a website up and running so quickly, but there are so many problems that are a result of so many versions, incompatible plugins, and server configuration issues.  I just finally solved one issue I’ve been having for quite a while – WordPress failing on an automatic update.

The fix that is quoted on so many blogs was to delete the wp-content/uploads folder and try again, which never worked for me.  I then stumbled upon a blog which pointed me the right direction – change your server configuration to use  proFTP instead of pureFTPd.   I have a Storm on Demand account (Through Liquid Web) and was able to change this in WebHost Manager in under a minute.  Violia!  Now I’m able to do auto updates as intended!

Cudos to Darcy for figuring this one out!  View source

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  1. Finally! thank you so much for this post, it has been years of frustration with this feature and now it works!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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