Often, clients will make the request that they don’t want to have their users scroll to view their website – they want all the content to be viewable on the screen.  Unfortunately, this is most often not a realistic request.  Here’s the reasons why:

  1. monitors are different sizes which affects the viewable window size
  2. a user can set a monitor to different resolutions which affects the viewable window size drastically
  3. some users increase the font size within their browser settings, which affects the viewable window size
  4. many users (unfortunately) install 1-3 toolbars on top of their browser, which eat up a significant amount of displayable ‘real estate’.

They might not like scrolling, but they will hate the alternatives!

Sometimes those reasons still aren’t enough to convince a client that this is a bad idea, so have them consider the alternatives:

  1. to have VERY little content – which isn’t the case for most sites.  This would have to be the case for ALL pages if you care anything for consistency in your design.
  2. having a window scroll within a window – which defeats the purpose and makes it a very unfriendly experience, particularly for mobile devices.
  3. scroll horizontally, which is obviously not a natural experience for most users.