I’ve been a Google Voice user now for a couple of years but have put up with an annoying issue for a very long time. When someone calls my Google Voice number it would take about 5-6 rings on the caller’s end before every ringing my device.

After doing a bit of research on various forums and exploring the commonly cited (potential) fix of changing your Slot Cycle Index, I called Verizon Wireless Customer Support to see if they could help get this changed for me.

Turns out, that wasn’t the issue at all. Seems that, possibly during the Google Voice setup, it turned on 2 different types of forwarding on Verizon’s end that were conflicting with each other. Since Google Voice essentially forwards calls to your device(s) it should forward instantly; however for some reason it was setup to start forwarding only after my device would normally go to voicemail, which explains why it took 5-6 rings to ring my device.

All it took was talking to a tier-2 customer service rep, explained my issue and it was finally resolved. Hope this helps someone else out their struggling with the same issue!