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WordPress SEO by Yoast: XML Sitemap 404 Issue

Typically I don’t host websites on GoDaddy, but I recently had a client that insisted on using their hosting, and I ran into a problem when trying to submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. We use the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, which automatically creates an XML sitemap, but this time it was returning a 404 error. The solution was to modify the .htaccess file by adding this code to the beginning of the file:
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WordPress Migration URL Update

Here’s a simple tip in case you are migrating a WordPress install from a development server to the production server.  If you don’t start with a fresh WP install and use the export/import tools, all your links, including links inside posts and pages, as well as paths used by WordPress to dynamically generate links will be still pointing to your production server. Continue reading

How to Properly Structure Web Content


This article is intended for people who use a content management system like WordPress to blog or create & maintain your website, but the overall concepts apply to all web design, regardless of what platform you use to create/manage your website.


  1. Create an ideal webpage structure for easy reading
  2. Maintain style consistency throughout entire site
  3. Help search engines understand what the web page is about

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WordPress Auto Update Problems

I always say “WordPress is a double-edged sword”.  It’s pretty cool that you can get a website up and running so quickly, but there are so many problems that are a result of so many versions, incompatible plugins, and server configuration issues.  I just finally solved one issue I’ve been having for quite a while – WordPress failing on an automatic update.

The fix that is quoted on so many blogs was to delete the wp-content/uploads folder and try again, which never worked for me.  I then stumbled upon a blog which pointed me the right direction – change your server configuration to use  proFTP instead of pureFTPd.   I have a Storm on Demand account (Through Liquid Web) and was able to change this in WebHost Manager in under a minute.  Violia!  Now I’m able to do auto updates as intended!

Cudos to Darcy for figuring this one out!  View source

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