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WordPress SEO by Yoast: XML Sitemap 404 Issue

Normalmente no me alojar sitios web en GoDaddy , pero recientemente he tenido un cliente que insistió en el uso de su alojamiento , y me encontré con un problema cuando se trata de presentar el mapa del sitio de Google Webmaster Tools . Usamos el SEO WordPress por complemento Yoast , que crea automáticamente un mapa del sitio XML , pero esta vez se volvía un error 404 . La solución fue modificar el archivo .htaccess añadiendo este código al principio del archivo :
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Delayed Ring with Google Voice and Verizon

I’ve been a Google Voice user now for a couple of years but have put up with an annoying issue for a very long time. When someone calls my Google Voice number it would take about 5-6 rings on the caller’s end before every ringing my device.

After doing a bit of research on various forums and exploring the commonly cited (potential) fix of changing your Slot Cycle Index, I called Verizon Wireless Customer Support to see if they could help get this changed for me. Continue reading

MYSQL Query – Sort Alphabetical Exclude Articles (‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’)

I just ran across this query I had to construct a while ago which can be useful when trying to sort alphabetically, but some of the data contained the articles ‘a’, ‘an’, or ‘the’ which alphabetized the results incorrectly. This query could be useful in a number of situations – album titles, company names, movie titles, book titles, and more.

For example, ‘The Big Lebowski’ ought to appear in the B’s, but if you simply did this query, it will show up in the T’s.

SELECT `id`, `title` FROM `movies` ORDER BY `title`;

With a little MYSQL magic, we can sort alphabetically by title, ignoring any leading articles, while still preserving the full title.

SELECT `id`, `title` FROM `movies` ORDER BY TRIM(LEADING 'a ' FROM TRIM(LEADING 'an ' FROM TRIM(LEADING 'the ' FROM LOWER(`title`))));

Basically the ORDER portion of the query just trims off any instances of ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ (case insensitive) to get the desired order, but the column `movies` will still return the full, unaltered title.

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