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Make Better Websites

I stumbled upon a cool website called ‘Make Better Websites’ ( that is more or less just a collection of sites the team puts together for web design inspiration.  Some of the designs are fairly straight-forward, and some are really out of the box, but all of them are visually appealing, professional, and easy to navigate.  Check it out next time you find yourself coming up with something fresh!

If you have a website design that you think should be showcased on the site, they have a submit form where you can enter your design for consideration.

Credit Card Processing by Square

I just received my Square credit card reader yesterday – it’s pretty impressive.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Square, they are a new credit card processing company founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

The Square card reader is a small device that you plug into the headset jack of your iPhone, iPad, or Android powered phone.  Coupled with the downloadable app, you can take credit card payments anywhere.  All you have to do is enter an amount, swipe the credit card through the reader, have the customer sign on your touchscreen, and the customer is sent an email receipt for the purchase. Continue reading

Sugar Land Network

Is your business a member of the Sugar Land Network?

The Sugar Land Network, founded by Brian Covault, is a collection of the finest businesses in the greater Sugar Land area.  Network membership includes a listing on the Sugar Land Network website, articles and ads in various publications, networking events, and much more.

Sugar Land Network Business Discounts

Many members of the Sugar Land Network offer discounts when customers show their Preferred Customer Card at the time of purchase.  Preferred Customer Cards are free and are available at any Sugar Land Network business location.  View the full Business Directory to see all the Sugar Land Network’s businesses or Search by Category.

Sugar Land Web Design

Jellyflea Web Design is a member and also the web design company for the Sugar Land Network.  Visit for more information.

Before & After Design

A few Christmases ago, I received a great book called “Before and After Design“.   There’s a huge number of graphic design books out there, but this one really hits a home run.  The author, John McWade, offers insight as to why something looks good or bad and points out all the design elements that contribute or detract from a design.  John’s style is unassuming and conversation, while totally demystifying the creative process.

Along with his website, magazine, and video emails, Before and After is an awesome resource for the graphically gifted and challenged alike.


Jellyflea Web Design

Need a totally custom website? Look no further!  Since 2006 Jellyflea Web Design has been serving the greater Houston area with custom web designs and database design.  Every design is custom and scalable to any size and budget.  Keeping pace with the growing trend for web applications, Jellyflea also creates custom website widgets, administrative backends, or any other custom data solution your business requires.

Offering a wide range of website hosting and email hosting products, Jellyflea is a ‘one-stop shopping’ experience, taking the guesswork out of the techie stuff.  Firmly grounded in Christian principles, Jellyflea treats each client with courtesy, respect, and patience through the design process and beyond.

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