Add Product to WordPress/WP-eCommerce Website

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add and edit products using the WP-eCommerce Plugin on a WordPress site.

Login as WordPress Admin

Go to Products–>Add New

Step 1 – Add Product Information

  1. Enter name of product in ‘title’
  2. Enter description of product in editor area
  3. Tag product to one or more categories
  4. If adding a new category, make certain that you assign it to the correct parent category.
  5. Enter Price the price of the product.  You may also enter a sale price if this item is currently on sale.
  6. Enter Shipping Weight and Dimensions or alternatively set a Flat Rate shipping amount for this product.  Make sure these setting are accurate to ensure a reliable shipping estimate for the customer at checkout time.
  7. Optionally enter SKU under Stock Control if you want the system to track inventory for this product.
  8. Taxes are typically setup in the Store Configuration and calculated automatically during the checkout process.

Step 2 – Adding Product Images

  1. Under ‘Product Images’ tab, click ‘Manage Product Images’.
  2. Choose the ‘From Computer’ tab
  3. Click ‘Select Files’ and choose one or more files you have stored on your hard drive
  4. Enter a short description of the product in the ‘Alternate Text’ field. Be sure to include a keyword or two for Search Engine Optimization purposes.
  5. Click the ‘Use as Product Thumbnail’ link
  6. Click ‘Save Changes’
  7. Exit by clicking outside the ‘Manage Your Product Images’ box

Click ‘Publish’ to add the product to your store, or select ‘Save Draft’ if you want to save changes, to publish later. Once saved you can click ‘View Product’ to view the item in the store as a customer sees it.


  1. Good day

    I have recently moved my website from host to another buy my images wont display. When I add a new product like I have done see url!prettyPhoto it does the exacy same thing. It comes up as a link in the product box and qhwn you click on the link the product displays.

    I have my products stored in wp-content/uploads folder as you can see when you click on the link.
    My permissions is set to 777 and I have already copied the entire wordpress content directory via ftp over and it still wont display correctly.

    Your possible solutions to this problem will greatly be appreciated.



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