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Website Redesign Checklist

This is a sort of checklist in progress for things to keep in mind when redesigning a website.

  1. Backup Current Website & Databases
  2. Take note of the current site’s SEO tactics and page rank for target key phrases
  3. Check for existing Google Analytics (etc) accounts
  4. Check for existing .htaccess file
  5. If renaming pages or restructuring, prepare a new .htaccess file to include 301 redirects so search engines can find your new pages
  6. Upload new website & new .htaccess file
  7. Add & verify site in Google Webmaster account
  8. Tweet, Facebook Posts, etc to get the word out about the new design

Example .htaccess 301 redirect

Redirect 301 /old_page.html http://www.your-domain.com/new-page.html

Have something you think should be added to the list?  Leave a comment!

Jellyflea Web Design

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Offering a wide range of website hosting and email hosting products, Jellyflea is a ‘one-stop shopping’ experience, taking the guesswork out of the techie stuff.  Firmly grounded in Christian principles, Jellyflea treats each client with courtesy, respect, and patience through the design process and beyond.

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