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WordPress SEO by Yoast: XML Sitemap 404 Issue

Normalmente no me alojar sitios web en GoDaddy , pero recientemente he tenido un cliente que insistió en el uso de su alojamiento , y me encontré con un problema cuando se trata de presentar el mapa del sitio de Google Webmaster Tools . Usamos el SEO WordPress por complemento Yoast , que crea automáticamente un mapa del sitio XML , pero esta vez se volvía un error 404 . La solución fue modificar el archivo .htaccess añadiendo este código al principio del archivo :
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WordPress SEO by Yoast: XML Sitemap 404 Issue

Typically I don’t host websites on GoDaddy, but I recently had a client that insisted on using their hosting, and I ran into a problem when trying to submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. We use the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, which automatically creates an XML sitemap, but this time it was returning a 404 error. The solution was to modify the .htaccess file by adding this code to the beginning of the file:
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How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress Post or Page

How to Achieve Equal Letter Spacing and Maintain Multiple Spaces in HTML

HTML will condense multiple spaces into a single space unless you use one of a few techniques to specifically declare multiple spaces or declare that the text is pre-formatted. Here are 2 methods to preserve multiple spaces in HTML. Continue reading

Delayed Ring with Google Voice and Verizon

I’ve been a Google Voice user now for a couple of years but have put up with an annoying issue for a very long time. When someone calls my Google Voice number it would take about 5-6 rings on the caller’s end before every ringing my device.

After doing a bit of research on various forums and exploring the commonly cited (potential) fix of changing your Slot Cycle Index, I called Verizon Wireless Customer Support to see if they could help get this changed for me. Continue reading

How to Remove __MACOSX Directory from Zip Archive

This requires just a little bit of command line knowledge, but overall it’s pretty straight-forward

  1. Open
  2. Change your path to the directory where the zip file exists
  3. type zip -d __MACOSX/\* and hit enter (assuming your file is named

The __MACOSX folder should now be removed from the zip archive.

Note: if the path or filename contains spaces, be sure to escape the space with a ‘\’. Example: archive\

WordPress Migration URL Update

Here’s a simple tip in case you are migrating a WordPress install from a development server to the production server.  If you don’t start with a fresh WP install and use the export/import tools, all your links, including links inside posts and pages, as well as paths used by WordPress to dynamically generate links will be still pointing to your production server. Continue reading

How to Redirect Multiple Domains the SEO-Friendly Way

I just into a situation where I had to point multiple domains to the same website, but couldn’t do it the easy way.  Typically, I would just log into the domain’s registrar account like GoDaddy, manage into that domain, and select ‘forward this domain’.  But in this case, forwarding was not available through the domain’s registrar.

Currently I manage the hosting account through Web Host Manager, so here’s the steps for using WHM: Continue reading

Add Product to WordPress/WP-eCommerce Website

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add and edit products using the WP-eCommerce Plugin on a WordPress site.

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Don’t want to scroll? Consider the Alternatives

Often, clients will make the request that they don’t want to have their users scroll to view their website – they want all the content to be viewable on the screen.  Unfortunately, this is most often not a realistic request.  Here’s the reasons why:

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